Create Your Program (CYP) Master Class 2024 is an opportunity for educators, coaches and personal growth practitioners who incorporate horses into their work with people, specifically equine-assisted learning in education, organizations, and personal development.  If you have an idea for a workshop, seminar, retreat, or multi-session programs this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Here’s what you will learn and put into practice:

  • Creative process to capture ideas and elements of your EAL program.
  • Identified the fundamentals of effective EFL program development.
  • Designed a working draft of the 8 steps of EFL program development.
  • Strategies for enrolling and connecting with your clients.

Plus, we will look at:

  • Setting clear boundaries of providing EAL programs.
  • Clearing beliefs and ideas that keep us stuck.
  • Using your character strengths to create the program you really want.
  • Discovering pathways to attain funding for flourishing programs.
  • Diving deep into EAL Program Development & More!

CYP-EAL Master Class Logistics

  • February 15 & 29; March 14 & 28
  • 5:00-7:00pm MST
  • 4 Group 90” Sessions on Zoom
  • 3 Individual 60” Sessions
  • Individual Character Strengths Assessment
  • Open office hours, spot coaching and unlimited email access.
  • Additional bonuses, resources, assignments, and unexpected surprises!


$1400 (Regularly $1800)

Signup by February 13th @ 4pm MST

Payment plans available upon request.

Email [email protected] or Call 303-941-1989

My Commitment To YOU

  • 100% commitment to your growth and success.
  • Showing you how to leverage character strengths and create your best session.
  • Helping you create awesome sessions, identify opportunities, and monetize talents.
  • Share ALL my learnings, mistakes, resources, ideas, experience with full transparency.


The CYP-EAL Master Class is limited to a very small number of highly dedicated people who are ready to learn the ART of creating, designing, and facilitating effective group experiences with Master Class Facilitator, Dr. Terry Chase. We will work together to put into practice tools and processes and transform your idea and vision into a real live opportunity, serving others and the world.

** Create Your EAL Program Master Class is approved for PATH Intl. CEUs as follows: 7.5 CE**

Let’s talk…contact me now. I would love to hear your ideas!

Email [email protected] or Call 303-941-1989

CYP Masterclass Coach & Facilitator, Dr. Terry Chase has created numerous programs incorporating equine-assisted learning over a 30+ year career in education, healthcare and personal development. Her programs include multi-week sessions for at-risk youth. Half-day retreats for corporate and healthcare teams as well as a unique in-patient program for patients with neurological injury. The CYP Masterclass is an opportunity for participants to learn solid program development methods, enrollment strategies and monetizing this very special field.


Terry is an incredible educator, coach, and mentor. She helped me create a powerful leadership workshop for teams. Her approach helped me tune into the broadview goals, but also the practical details, making the day flow effortlessly. Her wealth of experience gave me perspective and confidence, which catalyzed my learning and allowed me to offer my workshop with greater impact.

Gita Matlock, Coach & Co-founder, Herd Spirit ~ January “Create Your Class” Program



Is this an individual program or a group program?

The Master Class can be run for an individual who is creating their own program or in a group format. Groups are limited to 6 participants, so each person receives quality time and attention.

Can I join if I have a coach?

Yes. This program is about creating quality group sessions and your growth as a facilitator. If you have a coach, I ask that you bring your explorations and experiments back to them in service to your expansion.

Are there any guarantees?

Just that I will share everything I can from my experiences as teacher, facilitator, and workshop presenter for over 40 years. I have created over 300+ session that involve all age groups, experiential learning and even time in the arena with horses. I have an electric background of public and higher education, outdoor experiences and professional conference sessions. I will share my experience in live and virtual deliver methods and engaging your participants for maximal impact. My intention for participants to have at least one solid session developed and ready for shipping by the end of our time together.

Do I have to attend every session for this to work?

It’s recommended for your learning and growth to attend the live group sessions consistently. These will be recorded for review and if you must miss a class. I’m limiting the size of this group and crafting some fun ways to help people be successful even if you can’t attend all the sessions. If you miss a session, definitely see the recording and jump in the process!

I’m new to working with Terry. Are there addition videos or other information where she shares some materials?

Yes! You can watch videos at

And, you can email me directly for more info! [email protected]