How a Broken Back and a Broken Bike
Led to a WholeHearted Life

Award-winning Spoke by Spoke takes the reader on one woman’s journey to reinvent herself following a hit-and-run accident which left her back broken and her bike crumpled by a speeding motor vehicle. The stories Terry shares will take you from the depths of despair and the edges of darkness to profound realizations about what we are all capable of. Terry’s perseverance and resilience-fueled by her amazing spirit-show us that whatever hand we’re dealt we always have the choice to live a wholehearted life. For bulk purchases, email Terry at [email protected]

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"Spoke by Spoke is a wonderful living exemplar of human spirit, suffering, joy, pain, diversity, strength, character, joy, determination and perseverance - knowing and following inner self and spirit, beyond outside appearances. This book holds a lesson in humanity and human caring, for anyone, especially health care practitioners at any level."
Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL (AAN)
Founder/Director, Watson Caring Science Institute
Most people write from their knowledge. Some people write from their experience. And then there are those who are blessed to write from both. Terry is certainly one of these. Her story, what she’s learned from it, and how she shares it, is nothing less than a gift to us all. When you are finished reading Terry’s book, we suspect that like us, you’ll close it, look up, and say “Thank you.”
Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick
Founding Faculty and Co-Directors, The University of Santa Monica
Dr. Terry Chase has offered an inspiring, heart-centered, and captivating memoir that is sure to leave readers in awe and motivated to take life by the horns and face it with courage and integrity. I found myself shedding tears of joy and pain in equal measure, only to surface with Terry’s contagious determination to live life to the fullest of my capacity. This is a book for all who seek inspiration to triumph over adversity. Its raw beauty will engage and enthrall all who doubt that joy is beyond their reach. Thank you, Terry, for sharing your truth with the world.
Dr. Veronica Lac
Executive Director, the HERD Institute®
Terry Chase’s Spoke by Spoke will touch your heart and give you new hope for humanity's capacity to change and grow in the face of the most abrupt and life-threatening challenges. A huge source of inspiration!
Steve Chandler
Author of Time Warrior