Today's Dream Tomorrows Reality

"Terri has an amazing story of being a complete outdoor person always challenging her self till she was hit by a drunk driver while she was enjoying bike ride. Learn how she had great determination, devine intervention and amazing medical care that inspired her to pursue Nursing as a career.AND SO MUCH MORE!"

Vickie Poole's Podcast

"Terry takes a well-rounded approach in coaching the whole person—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She assists her individual clients in moving the needle toward change on the path of discovery, bridging the gap of what is to what can be. Dr. Chase believes in the transformative power of relationship and fostering potential for a life of fullness and grace."

About Bump in the Road

"Terry Chase is an athlete. And that mindset has defined her life. Riding her bicycle one sunny spring day in Colorado, Terry came to a turn. Behind her was a large SUV that collided with her, then fled the scene. Terry was left sprawled on the pavement with a broken back. Her beloved red bicycle lay mangled on the road."

New Books Network - Morris Ardoin

In this episode of Queer Voices I talk to Dr. Terry Chase about her book Spoke by Spoke: How a Broken Back and a Broken Bike Led to a WholeHearted Life, released in November 2021 by Push On Press.

Do the Thing

"Dark times are inevitable. But that doesn't mean you should roll yourself off a cliff. What could you accomplish if you listened to yourself to understand what's happening inside you? It was an honor to speak with Dr. Terry Chase—author, public speaker, nurse, and educator—to learn how she kept going after a devastating injury. An unforeseeable accident left Terry with an incomplete spinal cord injury. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, this former middle school PE teacher let her wheelchair propel her forward. Now, she wants to help others begin their own transformations through experiential learning."