Create Your EAL Program (CYP) Booster Session  is an opportunity for educators, coaches and personal growth practitioners who incorporate horses into their work with people, specifically equine-assisted learning in education, organizations, and personal development.  If you have an idea for a workshop, seminar, retreat, or multi-session program this is the perfect opportunity to work the basics of program development.  

Here’s what you will experience and put into practice:

  • Capture ideas and elements of your EAL program.
  • Identify the basics of effective EFL program development.
  • Design a working draft of the 8 steps of EFL program development.
  • Formulate one action step for the creation of their EFL program.


CYP-EAL Booster Session Logistics

  • February 29 @ 5:00-7:00pm MST
  • March 2 @ 8:00-10:00am MDT
  • 2-Hour Group Session on Zoom
  • Bonus Power Goal Model (PDF)
  • and more…

CYP-EAL Booster Session Fee

  • $147-Webinar + Early Bird Reg
  • Early Bird Signup February 7 @ 4pm MST

Once you register, you will receive all the details and the zoom link in your email.

Or email [email protected] or Call 303-941-1989

Let’s talk…contact me now. I would love to hear your ideas!

CYP Booster Session Coach & Facilitator, Dr. Terry Chase has created numerous programs incorporating equine-assisted learning over a 30+ year career in education, healthcare and personal development. Her programs include multi-week sessions for at-risk youth. Half-day retreats for corporate and healthcare teams as well as a unique in-patient program for patients with neurological injury. The CYP Booster Session is an opportunity for participants to learn the basics of solid EAL program development.