Dr. Terry Chase is grateful to have work with companies and industries across the United States. See what some of them had to say!

Spinal Cord Injury: The Basics—The Heart—The Passion

Company: St. Mary's Hospital   ∙   Location: Grand Junction, CO   ∙   When: 2017

I am so so grateful that we were able to have this for staff. Thank you again Terry for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!
Lindsay Ross, BSN, RN-BC, CMSRN
CRS Medical Surgical Units

Delta Dental Platinum Wellness Luncheon

Company: Delta Dental of Colorado   ∙   Location: Denver, CO   ∙   When: 2018

I want to tell you how impressed and inspired I was by Dr Chase today. She honestly brought me to the edge of tears several times. She is such an outstanding individual, and my only regret was that I don’t personally have the opportunity to get to know her better as an individual. She was intelligent, direct, funny, and has amazing instincts on how to really reach out and touch people. I surely wish there were more people like her on the planet, because the world would be such a better place…. But I know she’s definitely one of a kind.
Terry Robinson
Claims Quality Analyst

A Wholehearted Life: One Step at a Time

Company: University of West Florida Disability Awareness  ∙   Location: Pensacola, FL   ∙   When: 2019

Dr. Chase has lived an inspiring story based on the importance of holistic and patient-centered care. Healthcare providers will be touched by her strength in healing through caring influences.
Jill Van Der Like, DNP, MSN, RNC
University of West Florida
School of Nursing
Director, Nursing Skills & Simulation Learning Center
Clinical Assistant Professor

A Wholehearted Life: One Step at a Time

Company: Baptist Health Care  ∙   Location: Pensacola, FL   ∙   When: 2019

∙ “Excellent presentation! Wish more people had been here”
∙ “Very inspirational! Great speaker”!
∙ “Great Presentation!”
∙ “Outstanding presentation & motivational speech.”
∙ “Wonderful job! Excellent! More nurses need to hear this speaker presentation.”
∙ “Thank you for taking the time to inspire future nursing generations.”
∙ “Really engaging and loved stories, made things more real.”
∙ “This talk was wonderful, inspiring – especially since my patient population are nurses.”
∙ “Love the personal stories.”
∙ “She was very inspiring & a great speaker.”
∙ “Was incredibly motivational! And, also made me want to work much harder.”
∙ “Great Job! Thank you for this presentation!”
∙ “Dr. Terry Chase was very inspirational, and I really enjoyed listening to her story.”
∙ “Very inspirational and motivating journey!”
∙ “I thought the seminar was great! I really enjoyed it.”
∙ “I enjoyed the first-hand experiences that were shared with us.”
∙ “Great presentation! Very applicable to me as an instructor.”
∙ “Great presentation!”
∙ “Excellent Presentation! Powerful story.”
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