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Theresa M. Chase, ND, MA, RN, CEIP-ED 

Dr. Terry Chase is a nationally recognized speaker, teacher and author spanning careers in healthcare, higher education, and private practice. As a leader in nursing and healthcare, she has contributed value to educational programs as Patient and Family Education Coordinator at Craig Hospital, Denver Colorado and most recently, as Associate Professor-Mental Health in the BSN program at Colorado Mesa University.

Terry uses her experience of living with a spinal cord injury to guide others along a pathway of health and healing. She has a unique skill of helping people make sense of challenging situations, whether individually or in teams. She provides clarity by making difficult things understandable and less complex.

Terry considers her ‘superpower’ to be that as an experiential education. She uses creative, hands-on approaches that make the invisible-visible engaging participants for maximum learning impact and transformation in their lives.

As the author of countless professional papers and the 2022 CIPA-EVVY Silver Award and the 2023 IPPY Bronze Award winning book “Spoke by Spoke: How a Broken Back and a Broken Bike Led to a WholeHearted Life”, Terry inspires others with grit, resilience, and compassionate living stories.

Terry’s most recent professional speaking and facilitation engagements include healthcare teams at Queen’s Medical Center, Colorado Area Health Education Centers, professional keynote addresses at the PowerHouse Summit and the Colorado Nurses Association Annual Conference engaging creative breakout sessions with attendees of the PATH, Int’l, Region 10 conference. Another specialty is working with non-profit board of directors in elevating their approach to fundraising and member engagement.

Working with Terry has been referred to as answering the call of adventure and expansiveness to a fuller, richer life. Terry’s courageous honesty, personal integrity and energetic spirit guide personal commitment and continual growth. She will provide the space for solutions that make a difference, navigating the challenges and barriers encountered along the way.


Speaking Engagements

Here are some of Terry’s topics for keynotes and webinars:

  • A Wholehearted Life One Step at a Time
  • Self-Care Bootcamp for Nursing Staff and Students
  • Both Sides of the Bedrail
  • Courage – Resilience – Vulnerability
  • Life with Disability
  • Work Team Development
  • And others customized to your needs.

Potential Interview Questions:

  1. What led to the writing of Spoke by Spoke?
  2. What would you like people to get from reading Spoke by Spoke?
  3. What is your process for writing the book?
  4. Is there a chapter you left out?
  5. Name one of the chapters that is a favorite?
  6. Will there be a follow-on to Spoke by Spoke?
  7. What are some lessons from Spoke by Spoke you would like to share with our audience?
  8. Did you face dark times during your early days of spinal cord injury? And how did you work through those?
  9. What do you want readers to take away from your stories in Spoke by Spoke?
  10. Tell us a little about your personal and professional mission in your work currently.
  11. Share more about your life since your spinal cord injury?
  12. Where did your love of working with horses come from and how are the horses involved  in your coaching and consulting work?

Recent Keynote and Breakout Sessions


  • Colorado Nurse Association Annual Conference (Colorado Springs, CO, In-person)
  • Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Int’l. Region 10 Conference (Denver, CO. In-person)
  • International Association of Human Caring Annual Conference (Virtual)
  • The District of Columbia/Maryland League for Nursing. (Virtual)
  • HOPE Series-Mental Health, Western Colorado Area Health Education Center. (Virtual)
  • Wyoming Arts Council. (Virtual)
  • National Ataxia Foundation, Annual Conference. (Virtual)
  •  Power Up Your Voice Health & Advocacy Conference ’23, North Dakota Council on Developmental Disabilities (Bismarck, ND, In-person)
  • Kansas Council of Associate Degree Nurse Educators Fall Forum ’23 (El Dorado, KS, In-person)


Keynotes and breakouts can be customized to your organization’s specific needs. Contact me now and let’s talk.

Interviews, Podcasts, and Media



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Spoke by Spoke

Spoke by Spoke takes the reader on one woman’s journey to reinvent herself following a hit-and-run accident which left her back broken and her bike crumpled by a speeding motor vehicle. The stories Terry shares will take you from the depths of despair and the edges of darkness to profound realizations about what we are all capable of. Terry’s perseverance and resilience-fueled by her amazing spirit-show us that whatever hand we’re dealt we always have the choice to live a wholehearted life.


Development Consultant

Working with Healthcare and Corporate teams, Business Owners, Non-Profit Boards, Leaders and Staff to achieve greater productivity, more efficient work processes and sustain success is one of my greatest pleasures.

Leadership and team development strengthening skills and behaviors necessary to achieve goals, improve performance, and build strong and effective relationships…always with the intention of moving the individual or team forward in a safe yet challenging environment.

Terry believes success comes from making sense of the complex and challenging. She is am the ultimate problem solver and has an uncanny ability with lots of factors, problems, and concepts, which then assist teams organize into solutions.  

Terry is obsessed with making things clear and understandable knowing that when things are clear better decisions are made and move people in the right direction. 

 Terry is skilled to contribute to it in a meaningful way and enhances a ripple effect that enhances everyone because it moves all involved forward in a positive way.

Teams I have worked with:


  • Taco Bell Managers & Leaders (Northern California)
  • Queens Medical Center (Honolulu, HI)
  • Colorado Area Health Education Center (Denver, CO)
  • Platt College Faculty & Staff (Aurora, CO)
  • And many more…


Let’s have a conversation. I would love to hear what’s on your mind about your team development and how I my assist.

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Spoke by Spoke

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