One Spoke

Connection = Health
Today’s Booster: Connection with Letter Writing.

Grandma Mooney sent me letters in the months after my bike accident in 1988. She would often slip a $50 check into just to help a bit. I still have the last letter she wrote and that old uncashed check. Even more important, I have my connection to Grandma. She is long gone and Grandpa too. But this letter and my memories of her remain fresh and immediate.

Let’s face it, sitting down to write a note or letter to someone wasn’t a part of the daily rush, social media focused days pre-COVID19. We have an opportunity now to connect without our fingers scrolling through posts while writing pen to paper. Think of someone now who might really need that connection and appreciate a hand-written note from you. Who knows, they may even keep that note or letter and savor the connection many years later.

I did. Thank you, Grandma Mooney.