Working with Horses for Optimal Health & Well-Being

I bring over 13 years of experience as teacher, facilitator and coach, and multiple certifications in the field of equine-human interaction. This comprehensive blend of personal/professional learning and training has allowed me to create unique, integrated programs in Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL).

I am trained in several models in EFL including the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies and was most recently certified through the Human Equine Relational Development Institute (H.E.R.D. Inc) EFL program. 

I am passionate about working with people to reach their full potential, inspire self-awareness and live more fully through the interaction with horses.

Samples of Terry's Equine-Facilitated Programs

BSN Students Introduction to EFL   ∙   Colorado Mesa University   ∙   2018-2019

Students with Autism Pilot Project   ∙   Harmony Acres   ∙   2016

Working with Horses Inpatient Program   ∙   Craig Hospital   ∙   2010-2014

Boys Hope, Girls Hope Youth Program   ∙   SaddleUp Foundation   ∙   2014

Institute for Life and Care Staff Training   ∙   SaddleUp Foundation   ∙   2013

Craig Hospital Nurse Leadership Workshop   ∙   Star Peak Stables   ∙   2012

Horses Bring Me Alive: A Love of Equine-Facilitated Learning! Professional Coach & Consultant

Since 2008, I have developed Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL) sessions to highlight communication patterns, strengthen leadership skills and increase self-awareness for people of all ages. The horses are the perfect partners for work in relational skills, communication and self-awareness.

EFL sessions are experiential in nature. Participants have a hands-on experience of working with horses in a safe, directed and supervised manner. The horse is a partner in the work and participants learn and practice respect and proper handling. EFL sessions can be developed for the individual, couples and families as well as work teams.

I develop sessions to accommodate the specific learning needs, relational issues and potential for personal growth. For example, grooming a horse gives the participant an opportunity to be in contact, feel the warmth and strength of the horse. Learning to lead, fosters a sense of leadership and development of inner guidance all while guiding a large horse in and around obstacles and arena.  Communication patterns, whether verbal or non-verbal are scrutinized by the horse for authenticity and immediate feedback provided to the human. People learn to be real, present and authentic in the presence of the horse.

Dr. Chase qualifications include Human-Equine Relational Development (H.E.R.D, Inc), Level 1 Certification, Gestalt-Equine Psychotherapy (GEIR) training and am designated as a Certified Equine Interaction Professional-Education (CEIP-Ed). I am available for sessions at selected equine-assisted programs across the state of Colorado. 

Equine-Facilitated Learning sessions are valuable for all populations. There is something to be learned and the horse is the perfect working partner.  

Call me. I would love to hear about your desire for how EFL can benefit you.

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“When in the presence of horses, I am able to re-connect with my empathy and compassion and that place of non-judgment. They offer profound opportunity for self-awareness, contact and relationship. It is these qualities that make them effective in bringing leadership teams together, stimulating the caring presence of staff nurses and boosting the confidence of newly injured patients getting ready for discharge”

~ Dr. Terry Chase