Create Your Workshop-Seminar-Retreat-Program Master Class is an opportunity for coaches-teachers-leaders to learn and develop their unique group experience: whether that be a workshop, seminar, retreat, or program.  Participants will learn creative processes for developing and streamlining sessions, plus effective facilitation tools, interactive process, and experiential learning to being the information to a transformative level. Additionally, participants will learn strategies for enrolling and connecting with their client base to create a thriving business. It is an opportunity for coaches-teachers-leaders to expand this learning and course development integrated with existing skills to accelerate growth in practice, business and coaching plus grow their mastery as a facilitator.

The Master Class is limited to a very small number of highly dedicated coaches-teachers-leaders who are ready to learn the ART of creating, designing, and facilitating effective group experiences from a Master Class Facilitator, Dr. Terry Chase. Terry’s many years of experience will be put into practice each session and transform your idea and vision into a real live opportunity, serving others’ lives, and the world.

Participants will receive focused personal support, guidance, and encouragement as well as group collaboration. This group is for those who get that teaching is an element of their CALLING and are committed to being in the long game of creating effective sessions and facilitating transformation. Participants must be willing to be a learner and to stay open in service to moving to the next level, bringing all gifts and abilities forward.

Master Class Focus

  • Mastering the art of creating group experiences and enrollment with heart and clarity tried and true tools.
  • Identifying and clearing any limiting beliefs to creating a successful group learning experience.
  • Identifying and leveraging your strengthens and monetizing your gifts to accelerate your learning and success.
  • Creating a Workshop-Seminar-Retreat-Program for their business – understanding the benefits, new mindset, and new habits for success.
  • Continued opened to the creative process and possibility of success.


What You Will Receive:

  • Three group virtual 90 minute sessions every other week.
  • Each participant will receive ONE private 60 minute coaching session between the group sessions (2 total) for individual guidance and support.
  • Office hours, spot coaching and virtually unlimited email access.
  • One BONUS Group Session-TBD.
  • Additional bonuses, resources, assignments, and unexpected surprises!

What is Required of You:

  • Come with at least one idea, vision, or plan to develop a group experience in the form of a workshop-retreat-seminar or program.
  • Openness, coachability and clear commitment to being in action throughout the Master Class.
  • Willingness to explore, try new things and make mistakes in service to creating your best offering ever.
  • Willingness to share authentically in the group sessions and encourage others in the group.

Terry is an incredible educator, coach, and mentor. She helped me create a powerful leadership workshop for teams. Her approach helped me tune into the broadview goals, but also the practical details, making the day flow effortlessly. Her wealth of experience gave me perspective and confidence, which catalyzed my learning and allowed me to offer my workshop with greater impact.


The Master Class can be run for an individual who is creating their own program or in a group format. Groups are limited to 6 participants, so each person receives quality time and attention.

Yes. This program is about creating quality group sessions and your growth as a facilitator. If you have a coach, I ask that you bring your explorations and experiments back to them in service to your expansion.

Just that I will share everything I can from my experiences as teacher, facilitator, and workshop presenter for over 40 years. I have created over 300+ session that involve all age groups, experiential learning and even time in the arena with horses. I have an electric background of public and higher education, outdoor experiences and professional conference sessions. I will share my experience in live and virtual deliver methods and engaging your participants for maximal impact. My intention for participants to have at least one solid session developed and ready for shipping by the end of our time together.

It’s recommended for your learning and growth to attend the live group sessions consistently. These will be recorded for review and if you must miss a class. I’m limiting the size of this group and crafting some fun ways to help people be successful even if you can’t attend all the sessions. If you miss a session, definitely see the recording and jump in the process!

Yes! You can watch videos at And, you can email me directly for more info! [email protected]