A Deeper Dive into Your WholeHearted Life

If you are like me, you may be ready for a whole new reset looking forward!
Being successful will require us to stay awake, use our strengths, be more than resilient and operate on a higher creative level than ever.
It’s time to be brave!

The Well-Being Project has supported participants in designing and creating a wholehearted life. We explored and practiced various tools that supported a flourishing life: time affluence, savoring, engagement, and gratitude. Participants made radical shifts to create a wholehearted life. They stepped up to new levels of health and well-being in relationships, confidence, prosperity, and happiness. Participants experienced possibilities in their lives, took steps in creating it and are flourishing! 

Well-Being Project 3.0 will help you…

  • Encourage you to take steps in service to your flourishing life
  • Strengthening how to show up in your life more fully!
  • Inviting you to step into the bigger game and stop playing small!
  • Challenging and supporting you in creating the life you desire!
  • Having more fun while leaning into new areas of growth!
  • Experiencing higher levels of positive emotions, productivity and optimism!

Well-Being Project 3.0 is a 5-month program of dedicated participants. The format includes individual sessions or roundtable discussions, and small group sessions, many experiential activities, and in-depth conversations to bring fullness, meaning and authenticity to your life.

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Well-Being Project 3.0 is designed for…

  • People with a positive influence and approach.
  • People dedicated to uplifting themselves, their families, their businesses, and communities.
  • People who understand the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • People who are life-long learners and are ready for a shift in consciousness


Well-Being Project 3.0 delivers…

  • Support & Accountability
    • This program is customized to the needs of the organization.
    • May include individual sessions or roundtable discussions 
    • Multiple books, audios, surprises!
  • Integrated Well-Being Practices
    • Positive Emotions—Engagement—Relationships—Meaning–Accomplishment
    • Time Affluence—Savoring—Gratitude
    • VIA Strength Assessment with Individual Strengths Profile and Review
  • Individualized Opportunity
    • Define a WholeHearted Goal and identify steps to achievement
    • Set Clear Intentions for Greater Health and Well-Being
    • Increase Confidence for Success on all Levels of Health.

Come be part of the Well-Being Project 3.0 with high-functioning, positively influenced, high-integrity people dedicated to flourishing and thriving in all areas of life.What’s on offer for you is a powerful transformation to living a thriving life!

If this program speaks to you, let’s have a conversation about how it will benefit you and/or your organization.
We’ll set-up a time just for you.
Let’s talk about your Well-Being.
And no matter what… I’m rooting for YOU and your success!