Slow Down, Go Inward, Step Forward

This program an opportunity to slow down, go inward and step forward in service to your next level in personal, professional, health, creativity, or relationship?

In this session we will look at:

  • What is it that you want in your life?
  • In what areas, personally or professionally, would you like to have upliftment, growth, and engagement?
  • Would you like to feel more alive, creative, and resilient?

Creativity, Presence & Compassion ’22 offer new elements and surprises, yet the same wonderful process of horse time, active movement, and creative work. In addition to the 3-hour experiential session, you also will receive access to an online VIA Strengths Assessment, a follow-up individual coaching session focused on you to activate this new learning and move forward in your life.

I am opening this up to past participants and newcomers as well. If you have a friend or colleague that you would like to invite, please do! I am happy to get on a short phone call to discuss this new, fun and transformative experience. Two dates will be available, Friday August 5, 1:00pm-4:00pm or Saturday August 6, 9:00-12noon, limited to 10 participants each session.

What we’re gonna do…

-Be Present: Experience Horse Time. Hands-on practice with the horse.

-Be Kind: Slow down. Take a breath.

-Be Positive: “Yes” to your next level and take the first step.

-Be a Leader: Use your strengths in leadership in your own life.

-Be Expansive: In our creation.


You will leave this Transformative Session with:

-Increased Positive Emotions: Compassion, Creativity, Joy, Happiness and more.

-New ideas to Engage in the present moment.

-Inspired Relationship with horses and humans.

Meaningful conversation and activity. Renewed vision for your future

-Increased Confidence in leadership, self-awareness, and accelerated growth.

Optimal performance is tied to good levels of well-being…the higher the positive morale, the better performance…
the goal is to increase the amount of *flourishing* in your own life and on the planet.

~Martin Seligman, PhD Psychologist, Author

Session Dates:

  • Friday, October 21
    •  1:00pm-4:30pm
  • Saturday, October 22
    • 9:00am-12:30pm




Your Investment: $250


  • 3-hour Creativity, Presence & Compassion Session
  • Signed copy: Spoke by Spoke: How a Broken Back and a Broken Bike Led to a Wholehearted Life. (2021) Author: Terry Chase
  • Individual VIA Character Strengths Assessment (online, pre-session)
  • 1-hour follow-up Individual coaching session with Terry
  • Call, email or text…I would love to hear what’s going on for you and how this session can assist you in moving forward.  I am happy to answer any of your questions…let’s get you back in the arena!! And certainly, share this information with your friends and colleagues…
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