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Dr. Terry Chase offers unique insights to help patients heal – with concrete steps for your healthcare providers


The Quest to Understand Healing: 3 Steps to Help Your Patients Heal

How and when does healing happen? Ever since her spinal-cord injury in 1988 and road to recovery, Dr. Terry Chase has been on a relentless search – a quest to discover exactly how and when healing happens. Dr. Chase recognized that healing comes from within, yet many of her healthcare providers seemed to create what she calls “healing moments.”

Now, after her decades-long quest, Dr. Chase is sharing her insights about healing moments. In fact, she has identified specific actions that healthcare providers can take to spark powerful healing moments for their patients.

In this engaging and content-rich keynote or workshop, hands-on healthcare workers learn 3 steps they can take to encourage healing to happen with every patient. Key points include:

1.  Start by taking a moment to be present, be aware, and be real – It only takes an instant to create the space for healing. 

2.  Find the hook – Make an effort to connect with patients to get them engaged and even competitive! 

3.  Move forward together – Be willing to take a risk together, with a healthy dose of compassion for what we ask our patients to do. 

Audience members will:

1.  Get concrete steps to help their patients heal – take-always they can act on versus ethereal, feel-good concepts. 

2.  Be inspired with a renewed spirit to care for their patients, create healing moments, and successfully treat their patients.  

3.  Experience a greater connection to their patients with personal reward and satisfaction. In an industry burdened with caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue, they’ll recognize how much difference they make in providing quality care and, beyond that, helping the patient to heal. 

Perfect for these groups:

1.  Healthcare industry associations serving all types of healthcare workers, particularly hands-on healthcare providers such as nurses (all levels and specialties), occupational and physical therapists, equine-assisted therapists, and home healthcare workers 

2.  Employee groups within hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation facilities 

3.  Educational institutions for nurses, therapists, and other hands-on healthcare workers (Dr. Chase is particularly interested in mentoring and influencing those who are new to the profession.

Meeting Planner: Give your group a new perspective – and the tools – to help patients heal!Call Dr. Terry Chase today. Book her today.

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