Ignite Healing Through Connection

Two important questions regarding your staff and patient care:

1.  How can your hands-on healthcare providers go beyond treating patients – and actually spark healing moments? While true healing happens within the patient, your healthcare team can go beyond providing quality care – they can actually follow a step-by-step approach to assist patients on their path to healing. 

2.  How can you inspire healthcare workers to stay committed to healthcare as their chosen career, over the long term? Too many quality nurses, therapists, and other healthcare workers leave the industry after just a few years. They lose the passion that brought them into healthcare. This is a key contributor to turnover and retention issues and negatively impacts patient care.

Dr. Terry Chase offers the insights and concrete steps to address these issues

In her keynotes and workshops, Dr. Terry Chase, MA, ND, RN shares unique insights about how healthcare providers can spark healing. Her initial insights about healing emerged as she recovered from an accident, which caused a life-changing spinal-cord injury.

Throughout her recovery, Dr. Chase identified what she calls “healing moments.” She kept asking herself, “What was that?! What is it that helped me so much?” She recognized that while the concept of “treatment” is clear and concrete, the concept of “healing” is elusive.

This launched her quest to answer the question: “How does healing happen?”

Dr. Chase’s relentless quest continued for more than 25 years, through multiple advanced degrees and hands-on care-giving throughout her career.

So what is healing? The answer is simple yet profound: You open the space for your patients to heal in the moment you connect with them.

When healthcare providers relate with their patient and connect with the patient; when they are truthful, real, and present; when they have awareness and intent, they literally create a space to allow healing to happen.

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